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Created by: Adam Ondra

I love climbing! With all of my soul, with all of my heart. I love challenging myself in the same way. Climbing beyond your limit is an essential part of this sport. Pushing myself to my limits is a part of the fun that I want to have when I climb. It isn't just the ambition itself. And climbing beyond your limits isn't suffering. It is actually great. It often even doesn't leave you completely empty and tired. I just know I tried hard, and that's it. There is this feeling when you make the moves over your total limit when you have no idea whether the next move will end up on a fall or not, but you just keep going. You aren't thinking about it; you just go for it. The absolute presence of the moment. How addictive is that...

Wanna read more about my own thoughts, check out more photos and get 1 postcard free? Enjoy The AO Photo Book, full of pure nature, hard work and emotions, will take you on my two years’ journey around stunning outdoor areas, calm rock formations, as well as pulsating and vibrant indoor contests. The photos are accompanied by my unique texts, where I share thoughts on climbing life, motivation, comfort zone, competitions, climbing etiquette and more.

Choose from 2 variants of the AO Photo Book with or without signature and choose 1 of 4 themes postcards for free.

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