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spraywall would definitely BE my number one

When I started climbing, all the bouldering gyms in my country were spraywalls (even though we didn't use the name yet) because that was all we knew. Following just a couple of boulder problems based on a few colors would seem absolutely illogical, considering the gyms were so small that it would only fit a dozen boulder problems.
Modern gyms are huge and they reset the boulder problems regularly, but spraywall still has its undisputed benefits for training. If I had to pick just one training tool to spend my training life on, then the spraywall would definitely be the one!


Homewalls are usually small and if you want to stay motivated to train on your homewall regularly, you need to squeeze a lot of holds on small space. In that case, a very small spraywall can produce thousands of possibilities. However, it is tough to memorize all of them, and that is when the Stōkt app is striking! You will never forget your problems or circuits and you can share them with your friends who come by to try out your home wall.

Small (commercial) gyms

Some towns are simply too small to host bigger commercial gyms as they would not have enough clients. Some municipalities invest in building a gym at schools for the kids but when the kids grow up and become better climbers, they rarely have more opportunities to climb anything harder. In such a case, a spraywall can be a relatively cheap solution bringing a lot of possibilities. And with Stōkt, possibilities are multiplied!

big (commercial) gyms

Big modern climbing gyms usually have good route settings, some kind of board with lights, and a campus board. Nevertheless, in most of the gyms, I am missing a more universal tool for training, which is a spraywall. Commercial route setting is often focused on movement and technique, whereas the boards are focused exclusively on power. A spraywall is a place where you can train both - climbing can be physical and technical at the same time, just like climbing on the rock. Unfortunately, a spraywall might not be very appealing to the clients. You don't have those big shiny holds, you don't have those LED lights like on boards, and you have to figure out your problems - that means you have to think, have some experience, and you can get frustrated quite quickly. Still, a good spraywall with the Stōkt app can be a great extra tool for your gym that can definitely help to share the stoke!

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StŌkt basic subscription

You only pay once for uploading your wall on Stōkt and then it stays there for one year. Stōkt helps you with any sort of problem, like glueing together more pictures if the shape of the wall is complicated and the room is too small to capture the whole wall at once.

what really makes a difference with stokt

Logging a new problem is as easy as it can get. Simple and quick. You just click on the hold that you want to indicate, and it immediately brightens up. Tap twice to indicate it is only a foothold. Even if you have one big hold or volume with multiple chips, you will always have a choice to indicate just the chips you want.

Obviously, you can discuss every boulder problem. Every ascensionist can suggest different grades, and the grade that appears on Stōkt is the "crowd grade". Every climber can set a private boulder problem and open it only when he/ she wants to.

Petr Chodura, EH Spray Wall, Kotelna, 2022-11-18, AO Chips-69_res

StŌkt pro

With Stōkt Pro, you can have competitions! You can set private boulder problems and they will switch to public only when the competition starts. There is a very simple in-app scoring. If you want to add more holds or make small changes to your spraywall, a partial reset is also possible! And you will not lose all the amazing boulder problems that you already have! Are your customers still not very attracted by a plain spraywall without LED lights? No problem, we can deliver the lights for you that will work together with the app!

I am training in multiple gyms with spray walls and the Stōkt app is working really well in every single one of them. It motivates the people in the gym to climb harder, create community, and track their progress. Stokt has become my favorite social media!

Expect fun, great boulders and projects


I spent countless hours and days in the gym perfecting my skills and techniques on how to train better, more efficiently, and in such a way to minimize any injuries. I enjoy every bit of it, no matter how excruciatingly tiring the training might sometimes be. It's all part of the never-ending learning process. A vast knowledge I accumulated over the years of my climbing career. Something I wish to share one day with anybody who cares to listen. Be it a climbing beginner seeking a source of motivation and my advice, a pro climber working on her/ his project, or anybody excited about climbing, no matter the grade. 

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May the STŌKT be with you!